Lydia Mutimbanyoka, South and East Asia Regional Team Leader

Hi, I’m Lydia, and I oversee Mercy Corps’ disaster response in South and East Asia. Are you ready to test your skills?

April 25, 2015: Nepal was just hit by a devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake, and we’re going to need every bit of help we can get to deliver lifesaving resources to survivors.

As a new member of the team, we want to make sure we can keep you posted on what our colleagues around the world are working on. Let us know who we’re working with to proceed!

Challenge 1

We’re getting reports that families’ homes in the area sustained serious damage and that, in more remote areas, entire villages were destroyed. With hundreds of thousands of people displaced from their homes, what do we have that can help?

Challenge 2

The earthquake left many families with no choice but to use underground water from tube wells, and we’re starting to get word about a cholera outbreak spreading through communities. How can we help stop an epidemic?

Challenge 3

The massive quakes caused landslides that wiped out cattle and entire farms, completely destroying many families’ livelihoods. Nepal was already one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia, and the damage from the quake will put a strain on its people for years. What can we bring that will help people get back on their feet?


Our teams prioritize delivering food to communities in moments of emergency when people often don’t have enough – and sometimes nothing at all – to eat.


When disaster or crisis destroys people’s homes, we distribute durable tents that they can use as immediate shelter while their communities work to rebuild.

Water Filter

Supplying water filters ensures that people have access to clean water and helps stop the spread of diseases in the aftermath of disaster.

Emergency Cash Card

Providing prepaid cash cards during emergencies not only helps make sure people can purchase the things they need most for themselves and their families, but helping them buy locally supports the local economy in a way that bringing in supplies would not.

Solar Lantern

Solar lanterns not only provide essential light when the power goes out, but also include USB chargers that enable people to connect with emergency services as well as loved ones. And bonus, they’re cheaper, safer and longer-lasting than kerosene lamps or candles.

Food Vouchers

Crises have a grave impact on communities’ food security. We provide food vouchers that immediately alleviate hunger, ensure that families can get enough to eat for the duration of their community’s recovery effort, and help support the local economy.

Medical Supplies

Distributing lifesaving medicines and resources that keep communities healthy is an integral part of our disaster response efforts.

Hygiene Supplies

To prevent the spread of disease, we distribute hygiene kits -- including items like soap, shampoo, bug spray and laundry detergent -- to help keep displaced families clean and healthy during a crisis.

Drag an item that can help onto the backpack

You got it!

With the supplies you packed, our team is ready to head into the field and deliver the emergency aid that survivors desperately need.

While not everyone can be on the ground to directly help those in need, you can make a donation to Mercy Corps today to help families in crisis around the world.

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